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Crystal Skull Sessions Heat 1

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Name Crystal Skull Sessions Heat 1
Venue Sin É Dublin
Artist Sin É Dublin
Event Date 05/04/2018 19:00

Event Details

We are back again for our next round of music, magic and mystery.....

A magical, one of a kind evening based in Siné where 6 wonderful acts join us for a celebration of the Irish arts scene. As we connect, appreciate and marvel together in this community based event we grow stronger as artists and people.

The theme is Crystal Skull, where, so it is told that, empowering information about ourselves(humanity) is hidden, this reflects on how we each have the power and ability to achieve what we want. We want to emphasise this philosophy.



Pack Of Howling Wolves




Clover Music

Competition Element:

1,000euro Grand Prize, Headline Gig in Siné, Crystal Skull Trophy

2 of our fab acts will get through directly to our final to join 6 others..

Packed with a variety of styles and genres, and not only limited to musicians!

Crowd & Judge Vote:

Your vote counts! So be sure to come down to vote for the act you'd like to support! First Vote card is free, receive a Vote card with every drink purchased!

The order of the acts will be picked on the night so be sure to make it in before 7.15. First act starts at 7.30PM

Drink Deals & Pizza shall be served!


An old native American legend tells of the 13 ancient crystal skulls containing important information about some of the great mysteries of life and the universe. They contain knowledge about the past history of our species on this planet, and information about mankind’s true purpose and future destiny.

The Crystal Skull awaits....

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