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DeBarras Sitting Room

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Name DeBarras Sitting Room
Venue DeBarra's Folk Club
Artist DeBarra's Folk Club
Event Date 28/03/2018 21:00

Event Details

The return of songs from the intimate setting of the DeBarras Sitting Room

w/ Guest Host Diarmuid Cahil & special guest Gallie


Gallie is a critically acclaimed songwriter from Ireland. His album 'The Occoquan River' has made it to a number of Best of the year lists from radio and press in both the US and Australia. Gallie is a natural raconteur who's performances have been getting rave reviews over the past year, "Sublime lyrics, tremendous melodies, sung by a singer with a voice that is both soulful and incredibly expressive", combine this with a killer story and you have the masterful art of Gallie and 'The Occoquan River'.

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