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Vulpynes LIVE at Sin É

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Name Vulpynes LIVE at Sin É
Venue Sin É Dublin
Artist Sin É Dublin
Event Date 31/03/2018 21:00

Event Details

Vulpynes live at Sin É Dublin

Date - Saturday 31st of March 2018

Admission - FREE

Special guests - Bayonets and Kiss My Acid

Vulpynes -…

Kiss My Acid -…

Bayonets -…


‘Their songs are perfect, slick pop punk bangers, these two are really going places. A pair of absolutely delightful musicians, oozing professionalism and positivity – Loud Women, UK

‘Inspired by their exposure to punk and garage rock; in a recent interview Maeve-Molly described how her mother gave her the Hole‘Pretty on the Inside’, L7 ‘Bricks are Heavy’ and Sex Pistols ‘Nevermind the Bollocks’ albums before she was even a teenager; its clear that Vulpynes have absorbed these influences, then crafted their own simple grinding riffs coupled with pummelling drums; the key though is the vocal hooks and melodies’ - Louder Than War

'Drawing on their pair’s influences in punk and ‘90s alternative rock, Vulpynes are a blast to experience live. Their songs are simple constructions of gritty riffs, pummelling drums and unreservedly punkish vocals that bring to mind the likes of L7 or Hole' -

'Driven by deliciously scuzzy riffs and snarled vocals, this already feels like a pit anthem' - Hotpress Magazine, Silica - 'Track of the Fortnight'

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