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Unleash your inner Rockstar! - Rockstar Karaoke

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Name Unleash your inner Rockstar! - Rockstar Karaoke
Venue Sin É Dublin
Artist Sin É Dublin
Event Date 02/02/2018 20:00

Event Details

Rockstar Karaoke is back this Year with a BANG! Ever wanted to sing on stage with a full band, or wanted to know what it feels like to be a Rockstar? We bring you a one of a kind experience where YOU get to shine on stage and sing your favourite song, our band of professional musicians will be right by your side. No singing experience neccessary, its your chance to become a Rockstar and embrace a powerful version of you as you have fun!

Lyrics will be displayed on screen JUST LIKE KARAOKE! So you don't have to worry about getting lost in the music.

Lift yourself out of your shell and express yourself however you want on stage, this could be the best gift you give yourself! Our team of rockstar mentors and musicians will guide you every step of the way so you feel the most comfortable on stage.

We advise for people to sign up in advance as places are very limited. Its free to come up and sing a song from our set list, we do offer some fantastic and unique deals if you'd like to avail of awesome Rockstar services:

10 euros per song request(not on our set list), in addition you will receive a free Rockstar mentor/singing masterclass provided by the amazing Plinny Phoenix from Better Voice Now.

20 euro will give you the above and a video recording of your performance.

50euros, will give you all of the above, plus a 20min private vocal lesson, and a chance to rehearse your song with the band in a studio.

Looking forward to seeing all you Rocktars there!

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