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W.f.r fundraiser night with music and live talks

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Name W.f.r fundraiser night with music and live talks
Venue The Cobblestone
Artist The Cobblestone
Event Date 10/12/2017 19:00

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Music poetry and a wee talk on how an unemployed man and a spaniel with a few dear friends armed with an iPhone and a Facebook page managed to sneak over 1000 sleeping bags past festival security without permission and built up a small team of professionals to bring the aid and whistles to those who need it most.

We leave for France in January where we will donate the aid and whistles to Paris ground support who are serving 2000 refugees living on the streets since the jungle got bulldozed

FULL LINE UP:Dublin venue cobblestone

Joey Gavin

Ania Hornowski

Elder Roche

Hippycraic - Spoken Word and Whistle.

Followed by Trad,

Love and laughter from all the whistles4refugees

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