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The Morning Tree & Fintan McHugh

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Name The Morning Tree & Fintan McHugh
Venue The Cobblestone
Artist The Cobblestone
Event Date 23/11/2017 20:00

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The Morning Tree - Consuelo and Eoghan eat carrots from the tree of imagination, blink in the headlights of illumination, flounder in the puddles of tradition and trip over the roots of innovation.

"..musicians with drive, talent and passion, and with those ingredients a little magic can happen." -

“…these fine old tunes sound fresh and beautiful once again. Influences abound - nice touches that enrich the listening experience. I think I detect many - not least Bert Jansch and Pentangle - for that I'm grateful. What rides above it all though is the love and respect for the music - which after all is what keeps the spirit alive. Fair play Morning Tree." - John Renbourn

"A tantalising weave of strings that will easily hold you rapt." - FolkWords

The Morning Tree -…

Fintan McHugh - is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. “Wait Till The Clouds Roll By” is Fintan’s debut solo recording and it is already receiving very positive reviews.

The famous Irish music journalist John O’ Regan said: “Wait Till The Clouds Roll By reveals a major new Irish folk talent. …a sparse yet complex, raw yet elegant debut. For an opening move in a solo career for Fintan McHugh none could be better and more illuminating than Wait till the Clouds Roll By.”

“... a fully accomplished and complete musical and vocal entity.

There is no lack of co-ordination between vocal performance and accompanying ability of musical incongruity- everything fits with a glove like comfort and the result is a unique catalogue of stunning interpretative skills.”

“... each gripping syllable retaining a knife-edged excitement...”

“Somehow he channels the ghosts of the Irish and American style with its romantic altruistic lyricism and the strident urgent delivery declaring a fresh vibrant youthful energy.” - John O’Regan - Music Journalist

“... the result has a very appealing, at once intimate and raw, primitive retro ambience that reminds me quite a bit of the very first Incredible String Band LP...”

“...Fintan tackles acknowledged, trusty classics of the tradition in an individual and distinctive manner that often stems from deeply traditional sean nós...” - David Kidman - Living Tradition

Fintan McHugh -

Doors: 8pm || Adm: €7/€5

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