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Boom Child and TPM

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Name Boom Child and TPM
Venue Sin É Dublin
Artist Sin É Dublin
Event Date 25/11/2017 20:00

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Boom Child and TPM are coming to Sin É Dublin this November 25th (AKA Early Christmas) to play the greatest gig of all time!


Boom Child are a chaotic rock trio from Dublin. Their music is an irreverent mix of punk, funk, and powerpop. They released their debut EP “The Super Edible EP” in 2016 on the first 100% edible music format.


“I can't tell if this trio is just very funny or if they are taking the piss” – Larry Little, former Killers Manager, Fortress Music

“…to sum them up they are crazy, chaotic and fun. Go see them live if you get a chance.” – Outcast Magazine

“Boom Child are really really good” –

“Get off the stage, you’re too loud” – Management of The Bowery, Dublin

Boom Child LIVE:…

- TPM -

T.P.M. are brothers Charles & Andrew Hendy. A rap duo coming from Co. Louth, influenced by the dole, depression and anxiety, they have been described as a mix between the Rubberbandits, David Byrne and The Specials (TODAY FM). They have opened for the Rubberbandits and toured with Jinx Lennon. You will want more and never get enough.

TPM - "All The Boys On The Dole" :…

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